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Monitor your health & wellbeing to understand your body better and get early warning signs of any issues.

Devices compatible with our system

Fitbit Sense & Sense 2

Meet Fitbit Sense, Fitbit’s most advanced health smartwatch. Make smarter choices for your well-being with innovative sensors that track Health Metrics, sleep & activity and help manage stress.

Versa 3 & 4

Stay on top of your goals with Fitbit Versa 3™, the motivating health & fitness smartwatch. Get a Daily Readiness Score, built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, Daily Readiness core and more. All with the potential of a 6+ day battery life.*

Charge 5

Meet Fitbit’s most advanced fitness & health tracker with tools like an on-wrist ECG app for heart health, EDA Scan app for stress management and more. Optimise your routine with Daily Readiness Score in Fitbit Premium. Plus, get up to 7-day battery life.*

Why Fitbit?

Fitbit has an amazing family of products that work seamlessly with each other; they were the first to introduce automatic, wireless syncing and provide an open API. Today Fitbit has the industry-leading battery life, the thinnest, lightest GPS + heart rate device on the shelf and is accessible on 200+ phones, including Android, iOS and Windows, more than any other tracker.
And they’re just getting started?

The benefits

The platform

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