The platform

Monitor your health & wellbeing to understand your body better and get early warning signs of any issues.

How it works

VWT utilises advanced sensor technology, the internet of things, and Medical professionals to facilitate new and improved ways to detect potential health problems. This is achieved through regularly updated monitoring that produces data that can help indicate the status of a user’s health and wellbeing. We can then notify and guide the user to help prevent problems from occurring or address them before they become worse.

What it measures

Heart rate

Heart rate, respiratory rate & temperature

Sp02 sleep activity



We can monitor the time and quality of sleep; additionally, we can risk stratify for sleep apnoea to prioritise this dangerous condition and get it treated.



Blood pressure

The system risk stratifies for blood pressure, alerting workers to abnormal readings and the need to liaise with a healthcare professional.



Obesity is a leading cause of many long-term health conditions, and actively tackling this reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions, many cancers, sleep apnoea and overall life expectancy.

Heart rate

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability can be an indicator of stress which impacts both mental and physical health. Clients are offered relaxation interventions and alerts the client for the potential need for healthcare intervention.

Wellness & stress management

Often overlooked, our insights will help clients to know more about their mental wellbeing and offer support and data for the client to use when accessing a healthcare professional.

The technology

The benefits

Lifestyle photo of Fitbit Sense.

Using a wearable

The Virtual Ward Technologies
Digital eco-system

The reasons

How it works

Virtual Ward Technologies utilises advanced sensor technology, the internet of things, and Medical professionals to facilitate new and improved ways to detect potential health problems. This is achieved through regularly updated monitoring that produces data that can help indicate the status of a user’s health and wellbeing.

The health benefits

Our monitoring solution provides people with early awareness and education; when a health issue is potentially detected, an early intervention can be made to identify and provide early and effective support to people who are at risk of poor outcomes, followed with specific guided programs and helpful supported nudges back to health.

Early intervention reduces disease progression. It is cost-effective and allows clients and patients to keep working.

Social support

1 in 3 live in isolation. Isolation is the leading cause of depression, but only 10% are treated. Daily social interaction has proven to increase happiness and prolong life.  90% of the elderly want to stay in their own home but fail due to a lack of confidence that someone cares for them.

The science

Compatible devices

Through our programme, we provide access to the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatches and the Fitbit Charge 5 advanced fitness tracker. These devices offer a range of health features, with interchangeable bands so you can style to suit you plus great battery life of 5 days+.


How does Virtual Ward Technologie’s service work?

Our service works through a service agreement whereby our clients pay a monthly subscription charge per user, typically for a contract duration of two (2) years, paid one (1) year in advance.

How much does your service cost?

We charge a flat rate for our monitoring service but depending on the size of your workforce, can pass any savings for the wearable devices that we arrange with our suppliers.

In addition to the monitoring services, there are variable charges which can apply depending on your requirements. i.e. health screening (cardiovascular screening, cancer screening in the near future, genetics etc.), health surveillance and health referral.

What does your service include?

Our range of services includes; initial medical examination, onboarding, access to the platform, training, customer care, monitoring and alerts, a medical referral service for a virtual GP health care and access to all the Fitbit devices required.

Do I need a Fitbit to use Health Drive Digital’s service?

Yes, although there are many wearable devices in the marketplace Virtual Ward Technologies have selected Fitbit as the preferred provider because of their industry-leading battery life, thinnest, lightest GPS + heart rate device on the shelf and is accessible on 200+ phones, including Android, iOS and Windows, more than any other tracker.

Do I have to buy a Fitbit or does Virtual Ward Technologies supply them?

You can either buy the devices outright at the start or, as part of our service plan, we can supply all the Fitbits for your workforce for a refundable deposit typically set at 80% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Then a small daily charge is added to the subscription to cover the cost of the device over the term. At the end of the term, you can return the Fitbit, subject to its condition, or make a final balancing payment for the device and keep it.

Can I buy a Fitbit from you anyway?

We don’t sell Fitbits directly but have placed a link to Fitbit on our website which takes you to their shop. Just click on our ‘Devices’ tab in our website menu, scroll down to your preferred Fitbit model and click on ‘Buy Now’.

What if my employees already own a Fitbit? Can they use it?

Yes, so long as it is a compatible device, including Sense, Versa 3 and Charge 5, and Inspire 3.

Can I rely on Virtual Ward Technologies to look after me if I am ill?

No, we are not a medical emergency service. Our remit is to detect risk and trends. Your health is still your responsibility; if you feel unwell, you must seek out a health care provider of your choice.

If I am unwell when driving, will Virtual Ward Technologies tell me and inform me immediately?

No, we are about risk prediction and then prevention. We will be able to detect many health observations, our system relies on you regularly syncing your Fitbit app, which should not be done when driving; if you feel unwell, then you must contact a health care professional of your choice. We will inform you whenever we find an abnormality that needs your attention, but this may not be for 24-48 hours, do not rely on our system to treat an acute illness. Health Drive Digital is not an alternative to traditional medical services or an emergency service.

What is Health Dive Digital’s role?

Our role is to detect risks before they are life-risking/career-risking medical problems. Why wait until you are sick and have to go to the hospital?

Will my company have access to my medical data?

No, your information is kept within our system, and it is anonymised; if you choose to access our virtual GP partners, the information will be de-anonymised on transfer so that the GP knows who they are consulting with.

Will, the virtual GP, be able to access my NHS records?

Yes, our clinical partners are endorsed by the NHS to access clients’ records; Virtual Health Technologies are not, as we are an Occupational Health Risk assessment service. In this way, your records and data are always secure until you choose to access health care.

Will my Fitbit watch track where I am going?

Only if you choose to; Virtual Ward Technologies does not need or intend to know where you are or what you are doing; we are just keen to keep an eye on your health observations while you work and sleep as this helps us to predict the risk of serious illness and reduce sickness and accidents.

Does Fitbit have access to my health data?

Yes, in the same way, that your phone counts your steps, and the manufacturer holds this data, Fitbit collects health data on all of their customers as part of their service.

Why is access to my data required?

Quite simply, our service cannot function without having your data to monitor and that means that we cannot help you when you need it.

But there are very tight controls on data management and processing; our software is GDPR compliant and ultimately, you own the data, you control who has access to it and you can delete it by raising a (SAR) Subject Access Request with us We want to make sure that you are comfortable with how your data is used throughout the service.

Will Virtual Ward Technologies stop me from working?

No, we are about keeping you fit and active and working and living at home for longer than you would have been because you’ve used our service. Avoiding chronic illness is key to us, and we understand that sickness stops you from enjoying life and being productive.

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