Virtual Ward Technologie Limited was created to provide an answer to the management of Cov-19.

We were quick to realise that with this pandemic, the best treatment would be given at home early with a Virtual Platform and a means to provide rapid Oxygenation.

We were one of only a handful of companies that won through with the UK Ventilator Challenge and gained an MHRA UK Emergency Covid Approval for our novel home oxygenation Device ‘CTEX’.

Our Covid Virtual Ward Platform was also a tremendous success with Drs and Nurses, the results of which have just been published in a well-regarded peer-reviewed journal.

We realised that this system can be applied beyond that of the traditional health care model and into the realm of Social Care & Occupational Health.

We are unique in combining leading technology from Fitbit that identifies health metrics with a virtual ward and Dr oversight in our Health Service Model, or Local Authority Leads in our Social Care Model model to provide a cutting-edge real-time risk assessment tool that can be applied at scale.

This tool could help to identify illnesses early and provide an earlier opportunity for medical intervention, diagnosis and treatment. This could help with the prevention of serious disease and allow the individual to take a lead with their Health and avoid hospital attendance or Local Authority support.